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Monday, April 6, 2009

nak share sikit

The religion God chose for people, which best suits their
temperament, is the religion of Islam. God has made His religion
very easy for people to live by. Religion lifts all the burdens,
and things that are limiting and restricting and that cause
people hardship. It informs people that they should always seek
God’s approval, lean towards Him, and resign themselves to the
fate that He has determined for them, for He is infinitely compassionate,
kind and forgiving; He creates everything with a
purpose for righteous people; He is the possessor of all power.
To trust and befriend God, Who is the possessor of all creatures
and controller of all the events that take place, means to
put an end to the fears, worries, troubles, and hardships in a
human being’s life. For one who lives by his religion, what is
most important is the ease and beauty religion provides him.
Moreover, God has made all His commands and decrees commensurate
with people’s dispositions and no hardship will
ensue from any of them.
God, in the Qur’an, declares that religion is easy and that He
will make things easier for those who follow their religion:
We will ease you to the Easy Way. (Qur’an, 87:8)
… He has selected you and not placed any constraint
upon you in the observance of your religion—the religion of your forefather Abraham… (Qur’an, 22:78)
Our Prophet (saas), in the light of these verses, invites us in
following our religion to declare: “Religion is easiness.” (Sahih
The practices and beliefs that people see as hardships have
been added to religion and passed on as if they were a part of the
real religion by polytheists or by people who deny religion and
try to distance others from religion. Yet others have adopted an
ostentatious manner in their observance of religion, thinking
that if they perform harder things to show themselves as more
pious, that will be more generally acceptable. However, our
Prophet (saas) has always ordered Muslims around him to make
religion “easier.” As a result, righteous Muslims should obey
this command and should not suffer the consequences of representing
easy things as hard. One of our Prophet's (saas) sayings
on this matter is as follows:
"Make things easy for the people, and do not make it difficult for
them, and make them calm (with glad tidings) and do not repulse
(them)." (Sahih Bukhari)

petikan ni diambil dr salah satu buku karya Harun Yahya, "ISLAM THE RELIGION OF EASE".
saje je nak letak utk share ngan semua. bile bace petikan ni, saya sgt bersetuju dgn ap yg ditulis. Islam, agama yang datang dari ALLAH, tuhan yang maha Agung, sebuah agama yang syumul. setiap peraturan yang ad dalam Islam, pasti ad hikmahnya. tp masih lagi terpulang pd individu utk menilai sendiri bende tu. kalau pandangan seseorg tentang Islam tu sempit, pasti menganggap ni adalah satu agama yang terlalu banyak peraturan. tp mereke x sedar bahawa setiap perintah Allah dan setiap larangan-Nya pasti ad sebab. Allah swt tau ap yang terbaik buat hambanya dan Dia takkan membebankan kita dengan sesuatu yang kita x mampu pikul. pasti setiap ujian yang didatangkan pd kita pada ad hikmah yang menanti di sebaliknya.

mcm biasa, dh lme sgt menghadap laptop. CRP x hbs2 g study. waha diriku, PERGILAH STUDY. heheheeee

p/s: semoga petikan tu dapat memberi manfaat walau hanya sedikit pada semua...

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duha said...

good~ keep up the good work! hehe

p/s: crp..crp..crp..

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